Analogue Heaven / Synth DIY / Wigglers
MidWest Get-Together 2018


This year's theme: Electronic Percussion (not just drum machines!)

We will be meeting in the Media Center as usual Map #2 for details.

A few pics from past years: DIY |  WIARD |  STG |  MACBETH |  MOOG
        DIY |  H-MAN |  STG |  SYSTEM-700 |  Buchla |  GLM

Video from 2014

The annual Get-Together will be Saturday, April 7th at the PHHS Media Center.
I'll have the doors open at 10:00am. All synthgeekgearheads are encouraged to join us and spend some time with awesome gear and great people.

Past gear includes:
All sorts of Modulars (MOTM, DotCom, Euro, Blacet, Metalbox, Wiard, Cynthia, Modcan, Serge, Buchla)
Moog: Minimoog, Voyager, Prodigy, Polymoog, MemoryMoog, Taurus (I & III)
ARP: 2600, Quadra, Odyssey
Oberheim: Xpander, OB8, OB-X (and crOwBX!), OB-1, Two Voice, Four Voice
Sequential: Pro 1, Prophet 5 (rev 2 & 3), Prophet T-8, Prophet 2000
Roland: Juno 6, Jupiter 4, Jupiter 6, Jupiter 8, RS-101, SH-09, SH-101, SH-3a,
TB-303, TR-505, TR-606, TR-707, TR-808, TR-909, System 100, System 700
Korg: MS-20, PS-3100, Trident, Lambda
Yamaha: CS-15, SY-2, CS-80, SK-30
Also: VCS3, Putney, PPG, SunSyn, Polygamist, Buchla 400, Rhodes, Hammond
And DIY gear, and much more!

Location is between Lagrange and Angola in northeast Indiana.

MAP #1 shows the location relative to Interstate 69 and the Indiana Toll Road.
MAP #2 shows the close-up view of where to park for easy gear unloading.

The exact address is 245 S 1150 E, Lagrange, IN 46761

If you need help getting here, just email me: oozitron at gmail dot com

What to bring:
* Your cool synths
* Long extension cords and power strips
* Audio cables, small mixer and headphones (or speakers)
* Camera!

With so many synths begging to be played, headphones are ideal for exploring all the different instruments people bring.

Give us short demo of something unique and interesting!

Food: (subject to change)
Lunch is on your own (there are a few nearby bar/grills), and will most likely meet for dinner somewhere in Angola. Feel free to bring your own if you wish. There are a couple nearby restaurants and gas stations, but not much. Angola and Lagrange have McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc. PHHS is a rural school.

Also, since this is a school building, consumption of alcohol and smoking on the grounds is illegal.

A few of the local motels would be:

Ramada Inn (R on map #1) North of Angola at I69 exit 154
ph 260-665-9471
has restaurant, bar, indoor pool and sauna

Super 8 (S on map #1) At Indiana Toll Road, Howe exit
ph 260-562-2828

Holiday Inn (H on map #1) At Indiana Toll Road, Howe exit
ph 260-562-3660

The Ramada seems to be the choice of past attendees!